Celebrating technology and the digital world

CodeBase Stirling
Saturday 28 March 2020, 10am–4pm

LevelUp Zone

Our LevelUp zone will introduce young people to the varied and wonderful world of tech. From coding, to robotics, animation, digital art and so much more. Alongside drop in PreWired sessions, there will be four workshops: Bring Your Own Grown Up, Micro:bit Challenge, Digital Skills for Girls and Code Yourself into a Video Game for you to explore.


Cutting edge  production / curation / installation studio, We Throw Switches have developed a site specific interactive games installation at three sites across the city: CodeBase, The Engine Shed and Creative Stirling. Each venue will host a video game connected to the other two venues, where visitors can compete with players at other venues. The game will link audiences across the city in realtime.

Animation Zone

Animation is the process of making the illusion of motion and change visually. In this area there will be interactive workshops throughout the day exploring stop motion, and character fundamentals. There will be an animation showreel and drop in sessions.

VR Zone

Award winning CodeBase Stirling tenants Seymour Powell are specialists in Experiential Design, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. Sample first hand some of their cutting edge VR applications.

Games Zone

Scotland is home to over 80 independent games companies. Combining technical knowhow with a rich creative flair, come and pit your wits against some of the country’s leading indie games.

Discovery Zone

Showcasing our local network with interactive drop in sessions in coding, raspberry pi, makey makey and more. Explore the range of digital learning in Stirling’s schools and discover tech leaders of the future.